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New Non-Sparking Shovels are on line now

Jun. 01, 2020

Our materials of non-sparking shovels is imported from Kazakhstan, to ensure the purity of the non-sparking raw materials. It adopts the most advanced production technology, one-time forging molding, surface sandblasting, pickling, anti-rust liquid coating, attactive appearance, and is deeply loved by consumers .

Non-Sparking Shovels have some types:Round Point ,Square Point, Spade Edging D-Grip etc, which are mainly used in flammable and explosive workplaces, collecting chemical products, granular medicines, etc,or used for excavation and mining of explosive substances.

The non-sparking shovels with a wooden handle, and some products have a plastic mop at the end (the handle can be customized according to customer requirements), in short, we will try to meet all customer requirements.

The following are real pictures of our non-sparking shovels, please refer to:


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